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Worker Exploitation In New Zealand
A Troubling Landscape
Research Report Released 14 December 2016

A new report, the first of its kind in New Zealand, shows some worrying trends on worker exploitation in New Zealand. After interviewing over 100 (predominantly) migrant workers in New Zealand, Auckland University researcher, Dr. Christina Stringer, outlines that New Zealand has a troubling landscape regarding the extent of exploitation being experienced in this country.

For full report click here

We are undertaking a research project into worker exploitation in New Zealand.

The study involves an interview of around 90 minutes of your time, at a place of your choosing.  Your identity will be kept strictly confidential by the researcher.

We invite you to contact us:

Dr Christina Stringer

+64 (0)22 627 6001

Exploitation refers to an employment situation contrary to New Zealand employment law that is more than an employment dispute or workplace bullying.  More particularly, it refers to a work situation that involves force, fraud, abuse, or deception and/or in a situation where a pently, or threat of penalty was imposed. 

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 18/8/2014 for 3 years. 


Ref 012440

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